Rent, Don’t Buy: Storing Digital Real Estate Documents on a Shared Cloud

i-Migration“I’m so excited we finally have the keys to our new home. When will we get a copy of the closing documents?”

“About five minutes after you leave this office. I’ll scan them and email you a complete copy.”

“It’s that easy?”

“Yes, it’s that easy.”

The Lay of the Land: Network Assessments for Construction Companies and Home Builders

i-Network-AssessmentThe new construction market is as hot as ever all across the Central Valley. From multi-family homes to commercial buildings, our construction company clients are taking on new projects and staying busy. But for many other construction companies, this non-stop boom means there is little time to slow down and evaluate the tools their team is using to get the job done. Not the hammers and nails, but rather the applications and technology that maximize efficiency, improve the bottom line, and keep their businesses on track.

On the Market, In the Cloud: Storing Your Real Estate Data in a Hybrid Cloud

i-MigrationIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then the right picture can be worth thousands of dollars—or more—in the real estate market. With the internet giving buyers, sellers, and appraisers a wealth of information that used to be difficult to come by, property listings in both the commercial and consumer sector now rely heavily on visual imagery to convey both the utility and aesthetic appeal of a home or building.

Pictures of rooms and hallways, backsplashes, and bathrooms all have a significant part to play in generating buyer interest. Between two similar homes, the one that draws the most visitors (and bidders) may well be the one that showcases itself best online. And that starts with pictures. Some agents have even started producing high-resolution video tours to post online to further whet the appetites of potential buyers.

But all of those pictures and videos take up space, and preserving their integrity for as long as needed is critical—the next site visitor could be the one to buy the property. If access to these highly effective forms of property marketing is interrupted, thousands upon thousands of dollars could be lost.

Nailing Down a Plan: Disaster Recovery Solutions for Construction Companies

i-Disaster-RecoveryAs has become an all too common occurrence in central California during the hottest parts of the summer season, wildfires are once again burning and causing massive amounts of damage.1 Despite the best efforts of public safety officials to keep people and structures safe, there will once again be an unfortunate amount of damage done to the area. In some cases, the fires will displace people from their homes, and businesses will be forced to different locations. In some cases, homes and offices will be lost entirely.

In the event of a disaster such as a wildfire, one of the first questions asked by those affected is, “How do we rebuild from here?” In many cases, construction companies are integral to helping the community get back on track. But what happens if those companies are affected by the catastrophe as well? Missed opportunities, not just for more business, but also to help in a time of need. As such, it is imperative that your construction company be in a position to get operational as soon as possible.