5 Ways To Make Cloud Easier to Use

Change is scary, especially when it pertains to your business. You’ve made the important decision to implement a cloud-based technology solution, but now things seem complicated. How will all the files and emails be accessed? How much down time is expected? What if current applications don’t work properly?

The cloud, when implemented properly, makes everyone’s life easier. But if you rush through the process, or skip any of the 5 vital steps listed below, it can make your work environment cumbersome, and reduce the impact of your exciting investment.

Here are 5 ways to simplify your cloud usability:

DiamondIT Adds Account Manager

Telecom, Customer Service Highlight Carpenter’s career

Bakersfield, CA – (5/25/17) -– DiamondIT, a premier regional technology services organization in central and southern California, is enhancing its team of IT experts with the addition of Chad Carpenter, who will be filling the role of Account Manager for DiamondIT.

“Chad brings a wealth of knowledge to DiamondIT that will help us give our clients the competitive advantage they need in today’s technology-driven economy,” said Matt Mayo, DiamondIT CEO.

Carpenter’s 16-year technology career includes 13 years in telecommunications, sales at Ricoh Business Systems, and many years of dedicated customer service. He holds an associate’s degree in business administration from Bakersfield College.

With extensive knowledge of all facets of the telecom field, Carpenter will work with the DiamondIT team to deliver top-quality, personalized technology solutions for California businesses in the Bakersfield region.

Carpenter and his wife of 16 years have a son, 14, and a daughter, 11. Carpenter coaches local ice hockey and lacrosse teams and is a Ronald McDonald House volunteer.

For more information on DiamondIT, visit our website or call us at (877) 716–8324.

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About DiamondIT: #DiamondIT was originally established in 1997 as a hardware reseller and grew by capturing large computer hardware and software contracts throughout California. As the industry changed, Diamond Technologies rebooted itself in 2005. The new Diamond Technologies, Inc. emerged as an IT consulting, support and training organization specializing in all facets of business technology with an emphasis on solutions, not products. DiamondIT works with different and unique organizations to deliver technology solutions just as unique and customized to every specific need.

Assessing Your Hardware for the Cloud: How We Decide What’s Worth Keeping

What I have discovered, when embarking on a migration to the cloud, customers fall into two categories: glass-half-full and glass-half-empty folks. The first group tends to think the change will happen in a flash –  with all their storage, documents, protocols and more migrated seamlessly. The other half worries that a cloud migration is going to cost more than they can afford and cause countless headaches. In reality, the process falls somewhere in between (which is also where many of our customers fall on the optimism spectrum).

Migrating to the cloud is an important step for many companies and organizations – across industries.  The benefits of jumping either from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or from one cloud to another are many, including cost, scalability, and security.

How Virtualization Saved a Hospital from a Server Crash

th7255ZIKBIn the list of phrases that evoke trust, where does “limited warranty” fall? It’s right there with “I’ll get to it soon” and “gently used.” Some businesses only support you after you’ve invested a lot of money and even then only under certain circumstances.

We have a client who had seen plenty of limited warranties in previous IT purchases and had come to us to get an assessment of their network. That same week, this hospital had their primary domain controller server crash, which can be devastating when medical records are on the line. DiamondIT was there at all hours of the night to get them back up and running. We even loaned them equipment to tide them over.

How a Customized Cloud Migration Enhanced an Encino CPA Firm’s Network Security

DiamondIT Cloud“They never tried to upsell us … they looked for solutions for us, not profits for them.” The good people of Charles, Blank & Karp (CBK), a CPA firm in Encino, needed a solution to their looming IT woes. Their file server, a 2002 vintage that held clients’ most critical documents, was showing signs that it was not long for this world. When the firm’s leaders pow-wowed about how they might go forward, they talked about just getting another server. Only when they started bringing up all of the security considerations involved did they come to the conclusion that the cloud was the solution.

Like all of our clients, Jim Karp (the firm’s managing partner and CPA) found our customized approach to outfitting his firm to be a breath of fresh air. “We’re numbers people,” he says. “We live in numbers; we work with numbers; we love numbers. We also like helping people, so it’s sort of like the best of both worlds.” In that sense, accounting and IT go hand-in-hand. Behind the formulas and cold hard facts, there are people trusting in and relying on you.

Exchange Migrations: Three Steps for a Seamless Move

i-MigrationWe’ve discussed at length the virtues of hosted Exchange as an email solution for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. It’s secure, flexible, and can be configured to serve your specific business needs in a way unavailable with other email options. You can share mailboxes and calendars, automatically archive messages, and manage who is sending and receiving different communications all from a central location. Our experience has been that as more and more businesses come to understand how powerful hosted Exchange is, they can’t wait to make the switch.

Migrating without Difficulty or Complexity: Finding an Easy Path to the Cloud

i-MigrationOne of our clients, a nearby Kern County pediatric medical practice, maintained that they needed their on-premise server to store medical records and other administrative files. But when we asked why the onsite server was necessary, no one had a clear answer. “That’s how we’ve always done it,” was the common refrain. We were able to show this clinic (just as we’ve shown many others) that a shared cloud solution provides a higher level of security, stability, and function than that old server sitting in the storage closet. We transitioned their entire Electronic Medical Records system to the cloud, and now the caregivers and administrators alike wonder why they didn’t make this transition sooner.

Teaching an Old Doctor New Tricks: How A Virtual Desktop Solution Can Radically Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

New techniques and tools make their way into the medical field all the time; new ways to treat patients, new medicines that can heal, new tools and procedures to enhance patient care. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to stay on top of all these medical advancements. With so many new things to learn and adopt within your field, incorporating new IT advancements seems like a minor concern. What you’ve got works, so why change it?

Cloud Migration Solutions for Municipal Governments: Clearing the Gridlock

i-MigrationIt’s easy to make quips about the government moving slowly. But our extensive experience over years of work with city, county, and state governments has shown us that any pause in activity tends to be a result of process, not of deliberate delay. Most common in contributing to gridlock are different departments and divisions utilizing different tools and workflows that don’t always work well together. Systems and data aren’t shared in a meaningful way. Employees and workers are held up by inefficient old tools that need to be updated but remain stuck in the past. Increasingly, many government organizations are working towards progress, and shifting to more efficient technological solutions.

A Perfect Move: The Four Steps Of Successful Cloud Migration

i-MigrationWhen you work in this industry, you hear some real horror stories about data loss. I remember hearing a particularly vivid one from a potential client. He told me how his company was moving offices across town and had loaded everything into multiple trucks. At the end of the hectic day, they realized that one of the trucks hadn’t arrived. This was before cell phones, so it took everyone a while to figure out what had happened. It turned out that the truck had been in an accident and overturned. Everyone was unharmed, but the back of the truck popped open and hundreds of files went tumbling out. It was a disaster. The client related this story to me as a way of demonstrating his reluctance to move to the cloud. After all, if such a fiasco can happen to a truckload of files, who knows what can happen with digitized data? Data migration was to him, despite the enormous benefits, something scary.