To Protect and Serve: Cloud Solutions in Police Departments

i-Network-AssessmentSeveral years ago, a well-regarded survey noted that police chiefs and administrators around the country were increasingly considering cloud solutions for their IT needs.1 And while this survey is certainly a healthy indicator of progress, many changes that were predicted a few years ago have yet to be realized. Why? Because although cloud solutions are starting to gain traction at a number of levels of law enforcement, certain regulations and rules have made the transition slower than it otherwise might be.

Fortifying Your Financial Organization: 5 Things a Network Assessment Should Uncover

i-Network-AssessmentWe recently worked with a bookkeeping firm in Central California that called us after a weekend attack. A hacker had gained access to the network and downloaded some private company data. Their problem was one we see all too often; not only were they trying to recover from the event, they were left asking how it happened in the first place. “What do we do now?” was their primary question. Our answer was simple: let’s evaluate your network, make it stronger, and work to never let this happen again. Thankfully there was no permanent damage done, and client information was not compromised. But they wisely recognized that it was just a matter of time until this happened again if they left their network unprotected. Our team quickly got to work.