Why Technology is Key to Your Compliance Reporting

Whether you’re a shrimp importer tracking the temperature of shipped shrimp, a nonprofit using state or federal grant funds or a healthcare professional protecting patients, it’s likely you are required to meet compliancy regulations. This, in turn, necessitates a robust compliance management plan.

It’s not enough to track compliance, you also have to be able to collect, secure and report information to regulatory entities. Tracking compliancy is particularly difficult and would be almost impossible without technology as a key tool in successfully meeting regulations.

4 Reasons to Include IT in Your Compliance Management Process

Regardless of the industry you’re in, most businesses have regulations and requirements they have to abide by, making compliance an essential part of being successful.

The cost of maintaining compliance

The cost of regulatory compliance averages $12,000 a year for most small businesses, says the National Small Business Association. For new businesses, direct and indirect costs to stay compliant in the first year top $80,000.

Give Thanks by Donating Blood to the Millions in Need: DiamondIT Holds Community Blood Drive to Benefit the Houchin Blood Bank

Did you know that every two seconds someone needs blood in the U.S.?

Giving blood is one way to “give thanks” this Thanksgiving holiday.  Helping to fill the large need in Kern County, DiamondIT is sponsoring a community blood drive this coming Wednesday, November 23 from 8 a.m. until noon.  The DiamondIT blood drive will benefit the Houchin Blood Bank, which services all the hospitals and medical centers in Kern County.

The DiamondIT Community Blood Drive will treat donors to beverages, pastries, and DiamondIT swag. In addition, all participants will be able to enter raffles for both, a Target gift card and a gift basket donated by the Bakersfield Condors.

Keeping up with the Zuckerbergs: Why Charitable Works Pays Off on Social Media

This past week, it was announced with much fanfare, that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, will donate $3 billion to help cure disease.  According to PC Magazine, the effort will be managed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, to which Zuckerberg committed $45 billion of his personal fortune last fall.

It is no secret that in the past decade the giants in the technology industry such as Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, have taken charitable giving to a new level.  Their thoughtful campaigns and foundations have laid the groundwork to rid disease such as tuberculosis, and provided communities around the world with the means to test and vaccinate.


Making Every Dollar Count: How Cloud Services Create Breathing Room in Your Non-Profit’s Budget

cloud servicesBeautiful and serene, Mount Whitney glimmers in the January sun, welcoming California into the New Ye—wait, no, that’s not Whitney, that mountain is the pile of work you’ve come back to after your well-deserved winter break. Rest is fleeting for non-profits as you return to fighting injustice one groggy email at a time. As you review your 2015 financial numbers and ponder what better ways you can spend your hard-earned budget—one of your resolutions, surely—your eyes rest on the big, ugly, amorphous cost of keeping your organization’s IT network afloat. Between upkeep, part replacement, electricity consumption, and labor, an inefficient network holds a lot of non-profits back.

How Non-Profit Organizations Become Irresistibly Attracted To VoIP Phone Systems

i-PhoneVoIPA nearby women’s rights group with whom we work was desperate to find a way to stay in better touch with their donor roll. For decades they’d utilized a single inbound phone line for all incoming calls and messages. Because the office was only staffed part-time, many people interested in supporting their cause were forced to leave messages and hope for a call back at a later date. This organization contacted DiamondIT because they knew there had to be a better way. The administrator of the non-profit said, “This needs to function in a way that keeps the people that care about this cause engaged and excited. No more messages and missed calls and complications. Our phone system needs to work for us, not the other way around.”

How Strategic Investment in Cloud-Based Technology Can Multiply Non-Profit Effectiveness

i-Professional-Services“I can’t believe how well that went!” One of our non-profit clients had hosted their annual gala the night before our conversation. This event was a key piece of their fundraising for the year, and their entire team was ecstatic about the results. We shared their joy; one of my favorite things is the role we get to play in making non-profits successful. The integration of cloud technology into the planning process was definitely a factor in this particular success. To hear our client tell it, their new cloud-based infrastructure was the key component in keeping the team on the same page while planning the gala and making it a fantastic night all around.