The Power of Data in the Cloud for Law Firms: Transforming Bryant Whitten with the Shared Cloud

i-Professional-ServicesShelly Bryant of Bryant | Whitten, LLP came to DiamondIT with a common problem that needed solving: how could they reduce all the paperwork and clutter in their office without increasing costs or making things more complicated? Our custom solution to that problem had far-reaching additional benefits. It enabled Bryant to say, “The use of data and technology helps me get an advantage against my opponents.” We worked with his team to formulate a cloud strategy that would make working everywhere, from the office to the courtroom, a breeze, without compromising data security. As a law firm, the data being stored wasn’t just important to their staff and clients, but some of it was critical to ongoing legal matters. The data had to be at their fingertips, with the chance of having those digital assets be lost, compromised, or even stolen not just be minimized, but be eliminated entirely.

Keeping a California Medical Service Provider in Good Health with Personalized IT Solutions

i-generalThe San Dimas Medical Group had established strong roots in their old location: 20 years’ worth of roots. In the course of business, however, transitions need to be made to modernize your building, your processes, or your technologies to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your clientele and make maximum use of the technology of our times. For the San Dimas Medical Group, this meant relocating to a new building and rolling out a new VoIP phone system and updating their IT. As a medical services provider, San Dimas needed an IT support team that could deliver a quick and smooth transition to their new location and ensure their ability to provide patients with ongoing care with minimal disruption. They turned to us for the coordination of their new IT rollout, and Peg Board, Director of Operations for San Dimas Medical Group, can speak to the efficiency and positive results of their decision to partner with DiamondIT.

Exchange Rates: Getting the Most Out of Hosted Exchange in the Financial Services Sector

i-Professional-ServicesA tax return is due. A consultation is delayed. A key piece of market information needs to be shared with your entire team. How are you managing all of that activity? If you are counting on assistants or staff members (or yourself) to keep the trains running on time, then you should be excited to learn there is a better way to manage your financial services organization. With hosted Exchange, you can have full calendaring, task management, and email all in one powerful system. In doing so, you’ll increase accessibility without sacrificing control or security. That sounds pretty appealing to most of our clients in your fast-paced environment, where large sums of money can be made—or lost—at a moment’s notice.

Under New Management: The Benefits of the Cloud for Law Firms

i-Professional-Services“You should have seen their faces. No one in the courtroom could believe how fast I was able to provide each document the other side requested at the hearing.” One of our clients, an attorney in Kern County, called to tell us how much he loved his firm’s new cloud infrastructure. Gone were the days of hauling boxes and boxes of files to hearings and depositions. Now, with everything stored and easily searchable in the cloud, he attended these same events with a laptop and portable printer. And every time the judge or opposing counsel requested some bit of information or document, he simply pressed a few buttons and printed out a fresh copy right then and there. He was delighted each time opposing counsel had to rifle through stacks and stacks of files, looking for one document, as their clients sat staring at them with the meter running, each passing minute costing more and more in fees. “My clients are getting the best possible service and a great return on their investment in me and our firm. It’s amazing how much better and faster I am able to work on their behalf.”

Five Collaboration Tools That Can Help Your Legal Practice Soar

i-Professional-ServicesI was excited recently when I came across a Scottish case study discussing how law firms in Europe were moving data and applications to the cloud.1 When I finished reading I thought to myself, “Finally!” With the rise in productivity associated with cloud-based infrastructure, it’s only logical that the legal profession catches up to speed. We’ve been working with law firms for years, and find that once we detail the cost reductions and efficiency increases–without compromises on security–associated with the cloud, they are often eager to make the move.

In the legal profession, your primary concern is taking care of your clients. Navigating the law on their behalf is job one, and your internal tools and processes–including your network– have to further that goal, while still operating within your profession’s guidelines. Concerns about staying compliant with the law take time and energy away from serving client interests and getting real work done.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies Can Succeed At Government Agencies


Authorities for the state of Delaware set out to reduce IT spending and discovered a concept that is growing in popularity: reduce hardware costs by allowing and even encouraging employees to use their own devices. They gave it a whirl. From smartphones to laptops to tablets, the state recognized $2.5 million in savings just by letting employees use the devices that they themselves had already paid for.1 The rise of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) applications means that in a growing number of cases, any device that’s able to connect to the Internet or to a specific network can be used to fully perform all necessary work-related tasks.

How Strategic Investment in Cloud-Based Technology Can Multiply Non-Profit Effectiveness

i-Professional-Services“I can’t believe how well that went!” One of our non-profit clients had hosted their annual gala the night before our conversation. This event was a key piece of their fundraising for the year, and their entire team was ecstatic about the results. We shared their joy; one of my favorite things is the role we get to play in making non-profits successful. The integration of cloud technology into the planning process was definitely a factor in this particular success. To hear our client tell it, their new cloud-based infrastructure was the key component in keeping the team on the same page while planning the gala and making it a fantastic night all around.

Make Every Dollar Count: The Case for Hardware Refresh Cycles


When Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP a couple years ago, a number of organizations found themselves in a dire situation. They hadn’t upgraded to Windows 7 or Windows 8, and at that moment, without support, their systems were left vulnerable to security threats and intrusions. Believe it or not, the Internal Revenue Service had over 100,000 desktops and laptops that still ran Windows XP. You read that correctly: the IRS had not put together a refresh plan to upgrade the operating system of a large number of machines, leaving the entire agency and the citizens it serves at risk of data breach.1 Their reason? It was difficult to find the money.

Email Under Lock and Key: Why Hosted Exchange May Be Right For Your Business


We all know email. After all, we all have our personal email, and have for years. But how much do we know about our organization’s email? Are we confident enough that it meets our business’ requirements and is secure, and do we have enough know-how to be able to fix any errors that crop up?

For years, Becky, the office manager at a family medicine clinic, was responsible for managing their Exchange server, stored in a closet between the medical records and office supplies. And when someone noticed that emails weren’t sending or receiving properly, Becky would walk to the closet, reboot the server, and hope for the best. She knew how to add new users or delete addresses for employees who left the company. She knew to install patches and updates when prompted. But outside of those tasks, Becky really had no idea if their email was secure or functioning properly – never mind HIPAA compliance or any legal needs they had – she just felt lucky if email was working properly in the first place. So Becky explored online mail solutions, but lacked the confidence and knowledge to be certain that they fit into her medical compliance needs and could provide round-the-clock support. Mostly, Becky was ready for this to be off her plate – but she needed someone trustworthy who knew the medical landscape. That’s when she reached out to us.