Developing an IT Infrastructure to Fit Your Business Needs  in 2017:  A Discussion with Matt Mayo, CEO, DiamondIT

Today there are many slick commercials and advertisements with smart-looking individuals holding tablets and working away using the newest technology to grow their businesses.  There are slogans suggesting that organizations who procure the latest applications and hardware are the ones that become more productive…more successful.  While these technical ads may be true to a point, there are many organizations in the real world that still struggle to determine the most practical, budget-friendly yet effective IT infrastructure.   Everyone wants to work smarter.  Everyone wants to have a safe and secure network.  But not everyone knows how.

We sat down with Matt Mayo, CEO of DiamondIT, and asked him how businesses and organizations can get the most out of their IT in 2017.  matt-mayo

As a solution provider with offices in Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California, DiamondIT works with a number of businesses and organizations in a multitude of industries from healthcare to education and has great insight into the needs of the business end-user.

Below is part one of Matt’s interview discussing the latest trends in IT for 2017.

The Most Popular Apps Being Downloaded by Professionals: IT Pros Need to Communicate to Ensure Safety and Productivity of Apps

There was a time when employees were told which software and applications to use (and not use) in the office – and regardless of the efficacy of the products, employees worked on software that may not have been updated in years.  Today, there is a growing trend of professionals in multiple industries who wish to download the applications of their choice onto their mobile devices.  Many of these applications can be for traveling, expense reporting, and other duties.

Experts in technology attribute this change in worker’s attitudes to the iPad which made its debut 7 years ago. The iPad “consumerized” technology and gave people a sense of IT-freedom.  HR executives, according to Forbes, say that letting employees have more control over their work tools can be a powerful motivation to work smarter.



That said, while workers want to choose their apps, many organizations are asking their employees to partner with their IT departments to ensure that the company network and data remain secure.  This is especially important if employees download applications directly onto work-related smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Companies need to manage their mobile devices and make sure their IT infrastructure can support the application.

DiamondIT Sponsors Community Blood Drive on November 23, 2016

Did you know that the Houchin Blood Bank, services all the hospitals and medical centers in Kern County?

According to the Houchin Blood Bank, it takes more than 18,000 donors a year, to meet Kern County’s need for blood.


On November 23, DiamondIT jumpstarted Thanksgiving and sponsored a community blood drive to help support the overwhelming need for blood in Kern County.  Several members of the community and DiamondIT employees signed up to donate.


DiamondIT employees give back! Left to right: Matt Ames, Cody Cooper, Baby Cal, Nathan Larsen, Vanessa Sanchez, Chris Pereira, Phillip Watkins.

The High Price of a Cybersecurity Attack: Security Breaches Can Cost an Average of $38,000 for a Small Business


No excuses.  Today, businesses have been warned – if they do not take the necessary precautions, the likelihood of having their network compromised or data and identities stolen, is not a matter of “if” but “when.”

Homeland Security declared October as National Cyber Security Awareness month, and in turn hopes to make everyone aware that while all businesses and private persons have vulnerabilities, the right approach and cybersecurity plan, can make a world of difference.

Keeping up with the Zuckerbergs: Why Charitable Works Pays Off on Social Media

This past week, it was announced with much fanfare, that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, will donate $3 billion to help cure disease.  According to PC Magazine, the effort will be managed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, to which Zuckerberg committed $45 billion of his personal fortune last fall.

It is no secret that in the past decade the giants in the technology industry such as Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, have taken charitable giving to a new level.  Their thoughtful campaigns and foundations have laid the groundwork to rid disease such as tuberculosis, and provided communities around the world with the means to test and vaccinate.


Assessing Your Hardware for the Cloud: How We Decide What’s Worth Keeping

What I have discovered, when embarking on a migration to the cloud, customers fall into two categories: glass-half-full and glass-half-empty folks. The first group tends to think the change will happen in a flash –  with all their storage, documents, protocols and more migrated seamlessly. The other half worries that a cloud migration is going to cost more than they can afford and cause countless headaches. In reality, the process falls somewhere in between (which is also where many of our customers fall on the optimism spectrum).

Migrating to the cloud is an important step for many companies and organizations – across industries.  The benefits of jumping either from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud or from one cloud to another are many, including cost, scalability, and security.

Secure, Hosted Email Exchange Can Help Small Businesses More Easily Manage Emails – Even Remote Workers

Now that driverless cars are right around the corner, some classic car enthusiasts are getting nervous. Remember the purr of a manual transmission? They don’t make cars like they used to. The strong and seamless metal bumper that can withstand an errant highway pebble has been replaced with plastic crumple zones that dent in a stiff breeze. Most cars are now automatic and some newer models can parallel park themselves.

Progress happens for a reason, as we all know. Small-impact durability has been traded for life-saving features and independence is being traded for integration. Over time, these luxury features become ubiquitous.

A similar evolution has occurred with Microsoft Exchange email servers. On premise technology that was refined by the enterprise is now much more accessible to small business owners. So why does everyone keep saying move to the cloud?

Email Fraud Can Happen to Any Size Business: Steps Your Business Can Take to Mitigate Fraud

If there is one thing to know about cybercrime, it’s that every type of business can be susceptible—from SMBs to the enterprise.  Apple, Delta Airlines and others have been in the news lately about the latest scam or theft brought on by criminals who know how to hack into the stoutest of firewalls – tearing down any illusion that larger companies with deep pockets to spend on cybersecurity can’t be touched.

These reports should remind us all of one important fact:  every business is vulnerable and everyone must be vigilant.

The Dangers of Pokémon Go: How Businesses Can Prevent the Popular Game from Becoming a Cybersecurity Threat


Unless you have been living under a rock you’ll have heard of the latest craze ‘Pokémon Go’. It is an “augmented reality” game for smartphones that’s based on Japan’s 1990’s Pokémon franchise, which allows users to physically go out and ‘catch’ their own Pokémon using their phone.

The gPokemaname has become a sensation seemingly overnight and latest figures show user numbers are up to 20-25 million per day, according to Venturebeat Magazine.  While the game is still not available in some countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the response world-wide has been spectacular – attracting both the young and the young at heart.

Pokémon Go is heralding in a new era for Nintendo and Niantic – breathing life into the franchise that might have seemed dated just a few months prior.  But the game has also been the subject of some alarming headlines including reports of players being mugged as well as some Pokémon enthusiasts causing a public nuisance.  Adding fuel to fire, there are also reports of viruses being found in fake copies of the Pokémon Go application.

Beyond the more sensational headlines (which one hopes will be few and far in between), Pokémon Go is now raising network security concerns in the business world.  The implication is that the game, once downloaded on mobile devices that hold sensitive/confidential business information, could pose a compelling security risk.