cloudpeakWhen your organization is not operating at its most efficient, you should be asking yourself and colleagues how to improve productivity. Perhaps you’ve simply been fixing IT breaks for quite some time but find that you now need a full-time solution offering more for your money.

The one thing you don’t want to do is replace one set of challenges for another. You need a change in experience for your mission-critical technology to work correctly.

So far, you’ve been following our series of articles on the Ways to Work Smarter through the Cloud. You recognize where you are in the cloud transition. And, if you read our article on the 5 Ways DiamondIT is Your Sherpa to the Cloud, you recall that implementing a cloud transition is a lot like hiking to the peak of a mountain.

What sets DiamondIT apart from the other solution providers out there is we don’t just promise quick, inexpensive IT solutions. We provide a long-term strategic IT solution that lets your business thrive.

Here are 3 reasons DiamondIT is your #1 choice for a cloud solution provider:

1. Full-Service Sherpas – DiamondIT offers you the benefits of a full-scale IT department at the price of one in-house IT technician. Not only are we your Sherpas to the Cloud, we take you to the clouds and beyond. Not all solution providers have the bandwidth to think galactic with your IT strategy and implementation.
2. Beyond the Cloud – With access to our large, mature IT department at your fingertips, you would have the capabilities to implement large projects. Any project you wish to take on, DiamondIT can get you there quickly and efficiently. Your company will have the help it needs to manage compliance, write solid IT policies and procedures, mitigate risk, and improve profitability.
3. More than a Help Desk – While we assign a dedicated account manager to every client’s organization, DiamondIT also provides access to our whole IT department without the expense of hiring an entire in-house staff.

At DiamondIT, no matter your size, budget or end goal, we can guide you at your pace.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to expand your IT initiatives while remaining focused on budget, read more here, email us or call us at (877) 716 – 8324.