sherpasHave you ever hiked a rigorous mountain? Ever considered tackling Mount Everest or some other massive peak? If so, you likely understand all the planning and work that goes into making your trek a success.

Just as hiking a large mountain is an involved process, so is your journey to the cloud. While there tends to be an oversimplification of how easy transitioning to the cloud will be, it truthfully requires a lot of preparation – a proper route, appropriate supplies and an appetite for adventure.

Many major summits require the assistance of an experienced guide. It’s no different with moving to the cloud.

Consider DiamondIT your Sherpas to the cloud.

At DiamondIT, we will guide you, at your pace, through the Cloud adoption process with ease. We plan your journey up the mountain, defining the right path to take according to your unique business needs. And, we make sure to avoid cliffs or pitfalls to help you successfully reach the summit.

When planning your journey to the cloud, your DiamondIT Sherpa will guide you in these 5 ways:

  1. Pick your mountain – Knowing which mountain is right for each person – or which cloud solution is right for each business – is key to your success. Moving to the cloud is not easy. Diamond IT performs in-depth analysis of your business processes and IT infrastructure to evaluate your motivation for cloud adoption. Your current technology and processes are appraised to determine what should stay and what should go.
  2. Establish a route – Once we know your destination, we define your personalized journey to the cloud. Are you ready for an immediate, complete cloud adoption? Or should the cloud be implemented in stages over time? We will read your technology’s ROI and create a transition roadmap for how and when to move you into the cloud.
  3. Guide you up the mountain – With your cloud strategy defined and mapped out, your DiamondIT cloud Sherpa then guides you through every step of your cloud implementation process. Because there was plenty of preparation and planning for the trek, your implementation should be uneventful. However, surprises can always arise and when they do, your Sherpa is there to manage every turn.
  4. Reach the summit – Often times, summiting can be the most strenuous task, with the steepest peaks and most difficult climbs. With a cloud transition, “summiting” includes aligning all processes, software, and hardware so that the actual transition to the cloud produces minimal downtime. At DiamondIT, we provide a streamlined path to turning on your cloud solution, making the final push easy on you and your entire staff. It was a long journey, but you’re now cloud capable and the view couldn’t be better.
  5. Explore new horizons – After reaching the summit and completing your cloud transition, there’s no need to head back down the mountain. DiamondIT will continue to manage your technology. And, as the cloud streamlines your business operations, your staff are freed up to embark on new business initiatives that will take your company to the next level.

So, you’ve established the Ways to Work Smarter through the Cloud, and you’re on-board with some level of a cloud transition. All that’s left is figuring out where to get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about transitioning to the cloud, you can read more here, email us directly, or call us at 877-716-8324.