Working smarter, not harder, is the best way to increase your competitive advantages in today’s fast paced world.

cloud-ecmTake, for example, the story of one of our legal clients. Picture a court room with two attorneys. One has a laptop and a small portable printer. The other is lugging around boxes of files. When it comes time to reference a critical piece of evidence, one lawyer quickly downloads the file from their cloud network and prints it out. The other is hustling to find the file in one of their many boxes.

Now, which attorney is working more efficiently and, consequently, producing trust with their client, increasing probability of future business?

Desktop as a Service is one of our many premier cloud solutions that offers enterprise-grade technology at a more reasonable price point. In essence, it gives you access to your work anytime, anywhere, with an ease of use that will reduce the stresses your organization faces every day.

Here are 7 features of the Cloud that allow you to work smarter and position your company as a frontrunner among competitors:

  • Faster Onboarding

Bring new employees up to productivity with the proverbial flip of a switch instead of taking hours, or even days, to get them set up on new equipment and applications.

  • Location Fluidity

Whether moving from your desk to a conference room or from your office to your work trip, with Desktop as a Service you have the same computer functionality, regardless of location.

  • Improved Security

The cloud allows all maintenance and upgrading to be done consistently, on an ongoing basis, making sure your technology is keeping up with the hackers’ latest threats.

  • Single SignOn

This allows you to integrate all cloud-based applications into one single sign-on instead of multiple, disconnected sources.

  • Identical User Experiences

When you have multiple office locations, there tends to be advanced IT capabilities at headquarters while branches suffer slower user experiences. No more with our equal opportunity Desktop as a Service.

  • Centralized Data

Having your data stored in one place makes it remarkably easier to access files when you need them and avoid the “big hunt.” It also vastly improves data protection.

  • Hardware Agnostic

Staff can use whichever device they prefer, or have available – be it a MacBook, a Chromebook, a PC, a tablet, or even a smartphone!

From a financial perspective, there are a lot of benefits to be had from our Desktop as a Service cloud solution. For starters, the increased security of the cloud leads to fewer high-cost emergencies. The increased productivity leads to more work, and actually better work, being done in the day’s available hours. Our DaaS enhanced capabilities propel your company into new competitive territory. And for many companies, moving away from a break-fix contract can save up to 20-40% in technical costs annually.

If you’re interested in learning more about Desktop as a Service, you can read more here, email us directly, or call us at (877) 716-8324.