i-MigrationIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then the right picture can be worth thousands of dollars—or more—in the real estate market. With the internet giving buyers, sellers, and appraisers a wealth of information that used to be difficult to come by, property listings in both the commercial and consumer sector now rely heavily on visual imagery to convey both the utility and aesthetic appeal of a home or building.

Pictures of rooms and hallways, backsplashes, and bathrooms all have a significant part to play in generating buyer interest. Between two similar homes, the one that draws the most visitors (and bidders) may well be the one that showcases itself best online. And that starts with pictures. Some agents have even started producing high-resolution video tours to post online to further whet the appetites of potential buyers.

But all of those pictures and videos take up space, and preserving their integrity for as long as needed is critical—the next site visitor could be the one to buy the property. If access to these highly effective forms of property marketing is interrupted, thousands upon thousands of dollars could be lost.

The Hybrid Cloud at Work for Real Estate Professionals

That’s where a robust data storage and disaster recovery solution comes into play. By implementing a hybrid cloud solution that both stores and backs up all pictures and videos automatically, you’re giving your agents and officers confidence that a key marketing tool will always be available as they try and close the next sale.

High-resolution pictures and videos take up a lot of digital space. And even though the price of storing these assets continues to decline as technology progresses, it can certainly still add up if you are generating a large quantity of pictures and videos. A ten-minute home tour video may require one or two GB of storage space. A dozen high-resolution pictures for many different homes can be a substantial digital storage burden as well. With a hybrid cloud solution, the files you access the most—like current listings—are stored and served in on-premise hardware while older, less popular assets—like expired listings—are kept in cloud storage offsite. All images and videos are replicated in the cloud so that there is no threat of data loss. Even in the event of an accidental deletion, automatic backups in the cloud mean that your files can be restored from a previous point in time.

Avoid Interruption Through Disaster Recovery Solutions

In addition to a powerful and efficient data storage solution, this hybrid model lends itself well to the implementation of a disaster recovery solution as well. Because there is an on-site appliance serving regularly used files and a cloud component backing up all data, using the cloud portion to restore the business to working order in the event of interruption is an easy implementation. Applications can be stored in the cloud as well, making for easy deployment in case of a catastrophe in the office.

Now more than ever real estate professionals are relying on digital assets like photographs and videos to generate buyer interest and market their properties. But to get the most out of these pictures and clips, they need tools that give the flexibility and peace of mind necessary to focus on the next sale and not the network. If your real estate company is interested in reducing costs and increasing utility through a cloud-reliant data backup and disaster recovery solution, DiamondIT can help. Contact us today to learn how your agents and staff can get even more out of their video and photo files through a hybrid cloud solution.