i-Cloud-ServicesMore than 250,000,000 barrels of oil are produced domestically every month. Stop and consider that. Two hundred and fifty million barrels each and every month, right here in the United States. That’s an extraordinary amount of anything, much less a 42-gallon barrel full of a valuable and much-in-demand resource. Of course, all of that oil doesn’t immediately turn into finished goods. Different refinements and processes must take place to produce things like gasoline and plastic. That means that along the way much of this oil must be stored, sometimes in barrels but just as often in tanks and tankers all across the country and around the world. When every drop is real money, accounting for all of it is of vital importance not just to the companies that sell this commodity, but also to our society that relies on oil for so many of the things we utilize in our daily lives.

There’s a chance that at the start of your career you were working with handheld gauges and measuring sticks. Recordings would be entered by hand into a database on site and then called in to headquarters. Few industries move as fast as oil, though, and those days seem long past. Inefficiencies have been largely wiped out, thanks in large part to the cloud.

The Cloud Above For The Oil Below

The cloud has changed how many businesses operate and the oil industry is certainly one of them. Now, there are a number of cloud-based solutions available that not only make seamless sharing of tank storage data simple, but also make the act of measuring tank levels simple as well. Instead of sending workers into the field to collect measurements by hand, in-tank sensors continuously record tank levels so that always-accurate data is being recorded and shared with headquarters.

As in other industries, the cloud brings distributed systems together and creates a network of real-time information that can be used in myriad ways.1 Consider:

  • Reduced Shrinkage – Unfortunately, without constant monitoring of tank levels, the chance of theft or “shrinkage” can never be eliminated. The same goes for tanks that develop cracks or rupture, spilling oil. If a tank is in a far away or remote location then it is vulnerable to being breached and, in many cases, it can be days or even weeks before anyone discovers the loss. With real-time monitoring available through cloud-based systems, any tank losing volume can alert the owners that something may be amiss.
  • Increased Measurement Accuracy – Different measurement gauges and different people using them can’t possibly be a standardized way of collecting data. Nuanced differences in how the tools are used by different people can add up to substantial inaccuracy about how much oil is in storage and how much remaining capacity is available. With measurements sent to a cloud-based system, these imperfections in human data collection are a thing of the past.
  • Improved Efficiency – Imagine a truck carrying a full load of oil to deliver to a storage tank arriving, and learning that the tank was already full. What is the associated cost of time and fuel to drive to another storage tank? Accurate tank measurements accessible through the cloud mean that delivery and shipping logistics can be optimized so neither time nor energy is wasted in the delivery process.
  • Enhanced Intelligence – With a cloud-based measurement and monitoring system in place, oil companies can make educated decisions based on current and accurate information. No more comparing three-day-old measurement reports to try and forecast how much oil to buy or sell. No more financial modeling based on tank-level measurements that might be off by hundreds of gallons. Using real-time data produces real results.

Every Industry Can Benefit From Cloud Management From DiamondIT

We’ve seen exactly how big of an impact a transition to cloud-based measurement systems can have on oil companies. With around 75% of California’s oil being produced in Kern County, a number of the area’s oil companies count on DiamondIT to help them transition from older, less accurate measurement systems to the cutting-edge world of cloud-based applications. We’re proud to provide assessments of current infrastructure as well as planning around what a transition to the cloud looks like. Once these new tools are deployed, constant network monitoring and support mean that our oil industry clients have the confidence that their storage reserves can be watched with a careful eye and all of their data is up to date. In your business, you’re ready to embrace change and move toward the most efficient way to do things. We invite you to explore how the cloud can improve not just your tank measurement process, but also your organization as a whole by having a conversation with DiamondIT.


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