5-4Shelly Bryant of Bryant | Whitten, LLP had the same problem that his opponents in the courtroom had: too many documents, too much clutter. It’s an issue that plagues law firms across California and beyond. When Shelly came to us for a consultation, we provided him with a streamlined cloud solution that made his documents and files easier to access than he could have dreamed.

Efficiency is the name of the game. When Shelly goes into mediation with a client now, the opposing attorney often shows up with boxes upon boxes of paperwork. Meanwhile, Shelly simply brings his laptop and a mobile printer. It isn’t difficult to decipher which is easier — digging through all of those boxes, or a quick search and print of just the documents you need? The benefits are further-reaching than just the functional improvements, though. This juxtaposition allows Shelly to exude an image of efficiency. So, not only is he faster, but he gains reputation and client trust because clients feel their dollars are used efficiently.

Moving to Modernize Your Meetings

Shelly’s clients aren’t the only ones benefiting from an efficient attorney, though. You can count on being able to maximize your time through an implementation of hardware-driven cloud solutions. The more that you can do with your time, the more clients you can see. You also can increase the value of your time when your clients know that what they’re getting out of it is more than competitors can offer. On top of that, this increased revenue can be spread out into larger portion sizes if you find, like Shelley, that you no longer need an in-house support team.

The world of an attorney is all about paper; the bigger the firm, the more resources get drained by organizational and administrative work. As the sector has evolved, traditions like date-stamping, as well as other similar must-do rules, have persisted and kept print media as a central focus. You’re tracking changes, reviewing documents, constantly printing, organizing — and billing for this!

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, some law firms (especially boutique law offices) have gone fully paperless. And while it’s refreshing to see modernization taken to that level, there are disadvantages to maintaining such a degree of resource leanness. You’re probably unable to cut out paper entirely, but you don’t want to be held back by it either.

Consolidate, Collaborate, and Cultivate Cutting-Edge Office Work with MFPs

Multi-function products (MFP) are the way to bridge the tradition and trajectory of the industry. You have likely come to expect more and more out of your current equipment. Today’s average office equipment must be able to print, scan, fax, and send information efficiently. I look at this as similar to how phones have evolved to also be cameras, computers, video conferencing tools, and thumb drives — and altogether connected to the rest of the office equipment, in some cases.

Using our MFPs allows for easy uploading of data to your network and into the cloud through scanning pages. This increases workflow efficiency while enhancing image quality, due to exceptional Toshiba standards. What’s more, having cloud integration will considerably strengthen your MFP setup.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone — Increase Security and Efficiency with One Change

Our MFPs can function wirelessly and are often treated as a virtual filing place, storing documents until they need printing. The security of those wireless actions is kept safe by DiamondIT’s tried-and-true network protections. These devices represent an important bridge between virtual and physical. Most offices take them for granted, despite using them every day. When you emphasize streamlining and optimizing workflow, you must look at the processes that appear to be intractable, unchanging, and used briefly but frequently every day.

Have you ever been in an office where every employee has his or her own printer? You may work in one right now. This is more for security than convenience — it seems like the best way to protect the confidentiality of documents, albeit while sacrificing resources and space to do so. This is obviously extremely redundant — enough so that switching to an MFP can cut IT costs up to 33%. The security is maintained (improved, even!) because these copiers allow you to “secure print” — send the document to the printer, and it won’t print until you’re at the machine.

It’s important to have the right tools — and high-quality tools at that. Just as important, though, is knowing how to get the most out of those tools. Shelly Bryant, for example, knows the power he holds in his hands as he brings his cloud-connected MFP into client meetings and the courtroom. Connecting with DiamondIT gave him more than he could have ever received by simply ordering the same products online and figuring it out on the fly. Your clients must understand the nuances of their cases to put their strongest respective foots forward, so they come to you to give them the highly capable and efficient expertise that they know you can deliver. Likewise, law offices across California come to DiamondIT and work with our experts to maximize what they can get out of their technology resources. Reach out to us and learn how to master your documentation processes.