i-Network-AssessmentThe new construction market is as hot as ever all across the Central Valley. From multi-family homes to commercial buildings, our construction company clients are taking on new projects and staying busy. But for many other construction companies, this non-stop boom means there is little time to slow down and evaluate the tools their team is using to get the job done. Not the hammers and nails, but rather the applications and technology that maximize efficiency, improve the bottom line, and keep their businesses on track.

We’ve provided network assessments to a wide range of businesses in central California and different benefits often emerge for different markets. Financial services and medical organizations often benefit from uncovering compliance issues through a network assessment. Small businesses often benefit from discovering areas of vulnerability in a network that was built on-demand and without any real plan in place. As for construction companies and home builders, our assessments uncover areas where their entire work process can be improved. Here are three examples of how home builders and construction companies are able to build their businesses even better through the results of a network assessment.

A Fresno County Home Builder’s Accessibility 

As we onboarded a new home builder client we uncovered that their way of sharing build plans was woefully inefficient. Our assessment showed that build plans were stored on a shared drive at the office and could be accessed only from employees in the office itself. This meant that hard copies could be taken to job sites, but checking the specs remotely or comparing two sets of plans while on-site was almost impossible. Our solution was to deploy a shared cloud solution where plans could be stored securely and accessed from any internet-connected device. The result was more time for the builder on-site making projects happen and less time stuck in the office reviewing plans.

A Bakersfield Commercial Construction Company’s Flexibility 

A new Bakersfield construction company client of ours chose to have us assess their network for security vulnerabilities. Their security was actually quite good, but the reason why was actually holding back their business. Team members couldn’t access any company information—including email—from anywhere except their workstations in the office. This created a wide range of problems, from accessing build plans to staying in touch with customers and vendors while out in the field. Our solution was to deploy Virtual Desktops and Hosted Exchange email. Now, they can access their data and messages anywhere, without compromising security and control. Because DiamondIT is monitoring email activity and managing the virtual desktop infrastructure, this client has the peace of mind that all company information is safe while their employees work more efficiently.

A Tulare County Construction Company’s Hardware Constraints 

A small but growing Tulare county construction company came to us with a “great problem to have.” The problem was they were growing too fast and had more projects than they could possibly manage using their current workflow. They wanted to invest in build software that would solve the problem, but they didn’t yet have the money to invest in new workstations to run the software. Our assessment confirmed that their existing laptops and desktops weren’t powerful enough to run the software—but were plenty powerful enough to access our servers, which could run the application on their behalf. Our solution was to host the application in the cloud and store the company’s files there. As a result, they were able to purchase the software without taking on the additional expense of a hardware refresh, keeping up with growth without being financially irresponsible.

A Network Assessment to Build Up Your Own Infrastructure

Sometimes it feels like there will never be a good time to slow down and assess your tools, applications, and network. How can you keep up with the rapid pace of running your business if you have to tap the brakes to assess things? Thankfully, we provide network assessments that don’t interrupt the work your team is doing, but do uncover ways you can be doing it even better. From security and performance to data storage and collaboration, our network assessments uncover all the ways you could leverage new technology for even greater growth. That means more capacity for new jobs and more profit on the jobs you have. Contact us today to learn more about how a network assessment from DiamondIT can help your construction company build a stronger future.