When one of our law firm clients began looking for a new email solution, they had a number of unique needs. They were eager to make scheduling and calendars more transparent across their practice. They wanted increased management of who was sending and receiving different types of messages. And they wanted to be able to quickly find old correspondence at a moment’s notice, from the courtroom to their client locations. Once we settled on hosted Exchange handling all of those needs and more, we examined the rest of their email-related workflow and realized there was a significant detail that had yet to be accounted for—Compulaw integration. Like many law practices, they couldn’t move forward with any suggested changes if it meant leaving Compulaw behind.

Compulaw is an awesome—and often essential—tool for law practices, nicely tying notes and calendar events into a central system and single “source of truth.” Leveraging Compulaw into your practice means giving your entire team a centralized platform upon which they can work on different cases without any details, meetings, or notes being lost. Admittedly, however, Compulaw does not often integrate easily with Exchange. Considering the number of legal offices that count on Compulaw every day, we had to find a solution.

Why Integrating Different Applications Can Be Difficult

Oftentimes, third party applications don’t play nicely together. For software manufacturers, it can be difficult to make sure their code is compatible with so many disparate systems. Where should these companies start in terms of integrations, and exactly how should they support those integrations? How do they choose where to focus when there are so many different tools and applications demanding their attention?

For other service providers like Microsoft (the makers of Exchange), the problem is similar. How much customization and configuration should they allow while trying to preserve the core solution they are already providing? But even if you are excited to deploy and realize the full potential of hosted Exchange, you certainly can’t be expected to forgo other technologies that your business counts on to be successful.

Combining Compulaw and Exchange

Unfortunately, there are not often easy answers to these questions if you leave the solutions to the original service provider. That’s why having the right partner at your side is critical to success. We’ve been able to integrate Compulaw with hosted Exchange, giving law firms across the Central Valley access to a great email solution without removing Compulaw from their workflow. How? By realizing that the opportunity to create a solution for a valuable client was worth going the extra mile and examining all possibilities, we found that with a little customization and some planning, Compulaw and hosted Exchange could be brought together in a successful way.

The primary benefit of combining Compulaw and Exchange is an elimination of the duplication efforts that plague so many firms. Now, all notes and events and exchanges are recorded across both systems. No more searching in two places or trying to reconcile notes by hand. But eliminating this headache is just the start. Now, information can be easily found through universal search instead of looking in two places. Attorneys, paralegals, and staff members can now “just work” instead of wasting time navigating two disconnected systems.

Once Complete, the Integration Pays Off

By integrating Compulaw with hosted Exchange, your firm will realize significant benefits that will transform the way you work. Case files and calendars stay updated with Compulaw while messaging and communication are closely monitored and managed by Exchange. Notes and activities are synced between both systems so you never miss a detail. Accessibility and flexibility are top-notch without sacrificing the control and security your firm requires. Furthermore, clients can count on a world-class experience because your team of attorneys. paralegals, and administrative staff will remain on the same page—and the same schedule—when it comes to pending cases.

The beauty of technology is that it makes things that were once impossible suddenly possible. Finding ways to combine tools that previously were incompatible doesn’t just improve workflows, it provides a real competitive advantage. If you’re struggling to integrate Compulaw with hosted Exchange or finding it challenging to get your various technology tools to play together, then DiamondIT can help. We would be glad to explore potential solutions with your organization, including how Compulaw can integrate with your email system. Contact DiamondIT if you need a different set of eyes on your IT challenges. Our team would be excited to help.