It’s easy to think that cloud service providers just stick to the cloud, leaving other IT issues to standard IT providers. We’ve heard it before too. Workstations, switches, and servers. Email, firewalls, and security. And maybe some organizations out there do stick to just a few commonly known, core competencies. At DiamondIT, however, we take a holistic view of the network—and that means that over time we have developed a skill set that is both wide and deep when it comes to supporting our clients. In the words of one of our Team Leads, we view the network as a complete system. We aren’t just about computers or servers—we are about the entire network. And any technology that helps your organization or agency be more successful and reach your goals, we can and will support.

How different is DiamondIT when it comes to supporting your entire IT infrastructure and strategy? Consider the work we did with the City of Wasco, who came to us with some particular challenges and particular goals. Together, we’ve built a network that solves those challenges and delivers even better services and support to the community.

Initially, we planned on bringing the city’s applications and data storage to the cloud. But then a funny thing happened—an errant driver ran his car into a communications pole down the street from city hall, taking out the Internet for hours. The city manager wondered what would have happened had their network been down due to that outage, and came to the conclusion that city services would have ground to a halt. So we helped find a better solution for them.

First, we installed two host servers with a virtualization hypervisor. We installed redundant power supplies to guard against power failure. Then, we virtualized the city’s application servers and housed them on a SAN (Storage Array Network) with redundant controllers, drivers, and power supplies. Each server is capable of running the network and all applications on its own, so if there is any issue or interruption in one instance, the second instance can seamlessly pick up the slack. The result, in a nutshell? Now, both city employees and residents know that the services they need are safe, secure, and always available.

Picture This

The next initiative we helped the City of Wasco implement came in the form of a camera system. If you weren’t expecting that out of a cloud service organization, we certainly understand. But the reality is that cameras aren’t all that different from the other work we do on networks every day. They are but one component of an otherwise large and often complex infrastructure whose parts must function together at all times. The City of Wasco was outsourcing all closed-circuit and traffic cameras to a third party company that was charging them thousands upon thousands of dollars each month. Because we were familiar with their network as a whole already, our team knew how to tie in a new camera system that not only replaced the old, expensive system, but also added functionality like connecting the system to the City Manager’s office and the local police department. The new solution was less expensive, more feature-rich, and put the city back in control of the cameras being used by agencies, utilities, and community services.

Going to Great Heights

Soon after, the city asked us for recommendations on distributing wireless access points across the area so different departments and services could communicate without relying on a standard ISP. Our team identified the highest point around—a 120-foot-tall water tower—climbed to the top, and installed a line-of-sight WiFi antenna. The new antenna meant that there would be direct network access for each office in the area. And as an added bonus, we were able to run a cable to the top of the tower and install a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera high above the city. Now, the City of Wasco benefits from both great WiFi access for agencies and departments, but also has a bird’s-eye view of the entire area tied into the Video over IP camera system we installed before.

Priority Access for What Matters Most

Finally, Wasco’s administrators and officials charged us with helping the city reduce its carbon footprint and minimize emissions. Green initiatives are often challenging for technology-reliant organizations—many machines and appliances use large amounts of energy. But we were able to help the city work towards these goals by offering more energy-efficient solutions like a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) virtualized phone system. With VoIP, the system utilizes the same network that runs the computers and PCs, which enabled us to reduce the amount of hardware and decrease energy use and cost. With our familiarity of the network, integrating a VoIP system was relatively straightforward, but our job wasn’t done there. Because of the reliance on VoIP and video across Wasco, we set the network to offer preferential treatment to data related to these two systems. Now, even if the network is under heavy utilization, city employees and workers have the peace of mind that their calls will always connect and their video won’t lag or lose focus.

Our experience with the City of Wasco is one of many that brings us a great deal of satisfaction. No organization or agency, municipality or service provider should be put in a box. Different entities have different needs and different challenges, and our team at DiamondIT loves finding different solutions for them all. Maybe that’s the thing we love most—solving unique problems in unique ways, making every network as strong as possible. It isn’t just about the cloud or workstations or servers or security, it’s about the entire system from top to bottom and how it works together. If your organization is looking for a fresh set of eyes that knows you require personalized solutions, DiamondIT would be glad to help. Reach out to learn what we can do for you.