i-generalThe San Dimas Medical Group had established strong roots in their old location: 20 years’ worth of roots. In the course of business, however, transitions need to be made to modernize your building, your processes, or your technologies to keep up with the ever-changing needs of your clientele and make maximum use of the technology of our times. For the San Dimas Medical Group, this meant relocating to a new building and rolling out a new VoIP phone system and updating their IT. As a medical services provider, San Dimas needed an IT support team that could deliver a quick and smooth transition to their new location and ensure their ability to provide patients with ongoing care with minimal disruption. They turned to us for the coordination of their new IT rollout, and Peg Board, Director of Operations for San Dimas Medical Group, can speak to the efficiency and positive results of their decision to partner with DiamondIT.

The Value of a Local Partnership

It’s important to work with a company that is here local in the community. They understand what your needs are, but they also understand what’s going on in the community as a whole.

That’s why at DiamondIT, we consider our business relationship to not just be a contract, but a partnership based on trust and confidence. DiamondIT is a local Kern County business, and we believe in treating our customers with the same degree of kind, courteous service that we would our own friends and family. We discussed and determined that San Dimas needed an IT services partner that could bring the best technology services on a budget, and provide clear communication every step of the way to work toward the best possible result for the community. When you’re working in a sensitive and vital line of work such as medical care, you need reliable results that come from a well-coordinated rollout and a seamless transition—there’s no time to be wasted when your patients need ongoing care. DiamondIT has the tools and the team to develop your IT to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to set up a stronger backup & disaster recovery system, update your phones to a VoIP system, move to the cloud, or extend the life-cycle of your existing computer hardware.

We take pride in our ability to critically respond to the different needs of each client, and tailor each network to fit their situation. As Ms. Board says, “You want somebody that is responsive, somebody that’s going to meet your needs. Diamond has definitely done that.” For San Dimas, this meant updating their telephone technologies with VoIP installation to maximize productivity and cut costs, along with instigating a new backup and disaster recovery solution.

The Multifaceted Diamond Approach

DiamondIT’s goal in our partnership with San Dimas was to create a seamless transition from their older phone system to the new VoIP system, transition to the new building with minimal disruption to customer service, and roll out a strong backup & disaster recovery solution, ensuring sensitive patient data would always be secure, and that operations could continue if confronted with the unexpected. To ensure this quick and seamless transition, we developed a custom IT plan for their business and took care to be receptive to collaboration and feedback from the San Dimas team at every step of the way.

We can offer your business the same service we provided for San Dimas: an IT structure to simplify business processes, increase your company’s performance, and decrease overall IT costs, all tailored to your location and needs. It’s the “extremely resourceful” approach that Ms. Board valued in her company’s partnership with DiamondIT.

The key to our success with the San Dimas relocation was multi-faceted:

  • Convenient, modernized service with 24/7 IT and telephone support – We understand that business (especially for companies such as medical service providers) doesn’t really run by the 9-5 clock. We have 24/7 support to help resolve issues, no matter when they may come up.
  • Reducing expenses & extending the life of your current hardware – Effective business means maximizing your available resources, and minimizing unnecessary future expenses. DiamondIT can help to upgrade and maintain your current systems to meet your needs, without overextending your pocketbook.
  • A local team available for immediate response – Based right here in Kern County, DiamondIT will never be an anonymous labyrinth of telephone conversations and hold music. We’ve got our boots on the ground and our hearts in the work. We take pride in making our service personal, local, and being available to respond immediately to your IT needs.

This is the spirit of neighborly collaboration that Ms. Board valued in her experience with DiamondIT.

Essentially, we at DiamondIT believe that our personalized IT solutions for each of our clients can maximize your potential as a business, and we want to partner with you to fully realize that potential. Regardless of your line of work, transitioning from one IT system to a new one, or from one location to the next can be a stressful time—but DiamondIT’s smooth rollout and comprehensive around-the-clock IT support can make your IT revamp feel as easy as floating on a breeze. Contact us today to see about getting started towards your IT goals.