i-Professional-ServicesShelly Bryant of Bryant | Whitten, LLP came to DiamondIT with a common problem that needed solving: how could they reduce all the paperwork and clutter in their office without increasing costs or making things more complicated? Our custom solution to that problem had far-reaching additional benefits. It enabled Bryant to say, “The use of data and technology helps me get an advantage against my opponents.” We worked with his team to formulate a cloud strategy that would make working everywhere, from the office to the courtroom, a breeze, without compromising data security. As a law firm, the data being stored wasn’t just important to their staff and clients, but some of it was critical to ongoing legal matters. The data had to be at their fingertips, with the chance of having those digital assets be lost, compromised, or even stolen not just be minimized, but be eliminated entirely.

The team at Bryant Whitten also hoped DiamondIT could design a network that allowed them to operate at full productivity without the support, management, and network monitoring burden they had been carrying for years. They wanted a solution that “just worked.” We’re proud to have delivered exactly that to our friends at the Bryant Whitten law firm. Here’s how we did it.

Always On, Always Available

“I can do my work from any computer in the world so long as I have an internet connection. That is just powerful.”

First, we worked with Bryant Whitten to design and deploy a shared cloud network that hosted all applications, tools, and data. Because of their heavy use of different databases containing legal information and evidence, it was imperative that their attorneys and paralegals have access to every piece of data at a moment’s notice. By putting all of this digital currency in the same, remotely-accessible cloud-based array, we removed the headaches associated with tracking down paper files. Now, with just a few mouse clicks, any piece of information they need is readily available at any phase of the legal process.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for Bryant, Whitten, and their team is the full access the cloud provides. It isn’t just data they can access, but applications, too. Now, any device connected to the internet can access email and software as well as files. From on-site client meetings to depositions in different locations, they can work just like they are sitting in the practice’s office in Fresno.

Enhanced Expertise, Decreased Cost

“Diamond  has eliminated the need for in-house support staff.”

One of the most important things to Bryant Whitten was the chance to eliminate the frustration and headache that came with managing and monitoring their infrastructure on their own. The cost of in-house support staff made the burden even greater. If the network was having issues in the middle of the night or while their technician was sick or on vacation, the entire practice was paralyzed. Our team was able to implement round-the-clock monitoring and support to go along with regular maintenance and updates. Bottom line: the network stays healthy and if anyone needs help, the experts at DiamondIT are on-call with solutions.

Tapping into a cloud services provider like DiamondIT also lets Bryant Whitten leverage a wider range of skills and expertise than they might be able to source on their own. Whenever they have a question about security, or business intelligence software, or adding machines to the network, our team is able to provide useful guidance in a timely manner.

Bryant Whitten’s Success with the Shared Cloud

By moving to a fully supported cloud solution, the Bryant Whitten team is able to have the best of all worlds—easy access to a safe and secure environment, benefiting from round the clock management and support. Even better, the reduced costs associated with utilizing the shared cloud from DiamondIT means Bryant Whitten has greater resources to invest in other parts of their business.

Our work with Bryant Whitten has been a rousing success for everyone, and it gives us a great deal of satisfaction to partner with this firm and help them reach their goals through technology. When it comes to law firms and other professional services, we find the power of the cloud to be an undeniable asset. New technology in the cloud provides a powerful competitive advantage to those that realize and adopt it in their firms and practices. To learn more about how DiamondIT can transform your law firm through cutting-edge technology, start a conversation with our experienced team.