th7255ZIKBIn the list of phrases that evoke trust, where does “limited warranty” fall? It’s right there with “I’ll get to it soon” and “gently used.” Some businesses only support you after you’ve invested a lot of money and even then only under certain circumstances.

We have a client who had seen plenty of limited warranties in previous IT purchases and had come to us to get an assessment of their network. That same week, this hospital had their primary domain controller server crash, which can be devastating when medical records are on the line. DiamondIT was there at all hours of the night to get them back up and running. We even loaned them equipment to tide them over.

We were glad they had just become one of our clients. They didn’t have to wait until they were fully furnished with our equipment before getting our full support. It was, however, a strong impetus for them to prevent future problems. After more consultation on how their crisis could have been avoided, we moved them to a virtualized environment.

Why Hospitals Are Leaving Their Old Servers Behind

Server crashes happen more often than you’d think – but what could this medical center (or yours) have done to avoid it? They were fully dependent on how well their hard-wired systems functioned, and IT networks don’t age well when left to their own devices. One error can snowball into a crash of critical system elements.

When you virtualize your system, you remove a number of risk factors. We’ll make sure that your applications and data stay up and connected during the entire process, as our previous clients can attest.

Many California medical centers have found server virtualization to be the antidote to their computing ills. Healthcare computing is rapidly increasing in complexity, bringing with it increased IT and labor costs. Virtualizing your IT infrastructure helps address this problem: It provides enhanced data security to keep medical records and employee information safe while remaining in compliance with HIPAA regulations. It’s also easier to deploy and keep maintained, leading to fewer frantic calls to the helpdesk. Virtualized servers also have a high level of performance and reliability

The Virtualization Migration Process

If you decide to make the switch to virtualization, what will the process look like? Obviously, you’ll need a guarantee that all the info from your old servers makes its way to the new ones. We can help you collect that data and even organize it more efficiently.

Then our team of experts will come on-site and look at what’s needed to make the transition as easy as possible. Speed and efficiency matter, and our clients are often astounded at the quick turnaround times we offer. We’ll also configure each workstation and device so it’s properly integrated with the new system. We’ll even work side-by-side with your employees to familiarize them with the new system.

Our clients are especially protective of the contents of their respective EMRs, which is why they choose DiamondIT to protect them. Through our proven method of Assessment, Plan, Implement and Monitor, we not only present the best solution to keep those records guarded today, but we monitor and tune the system to keep them protected tomorrow. Data protection does not end with the data system, though. We also provide security awareness training to minimize risks presented by social engineered attempts to circumvent the digital security systems.

When patients suffer from a particularly serious event, they often seize the chance to reexamine their routines and make big changes to their daily lives. Similarly, our client’s server crash served as the wake-up call they needed to take better care of their IT network. Reach out to DiamondIT, and we’ll help you reduce the risk of downtime and lost data.