When Chief of Police, Kent Kroeger, first came on the job in 2014 at the Tehachapi Police Department, he was determined to make immediate changes and upgrades to station’s IT infrastructure.  At the time, Chief Kroeger said the Tehachapi Police Department or TPD, located in California, was operating without the modern conveniences that other law enforcement agencies were using such as a modern call center or outfitting police vehicles with the latest mobile computers.  In addition, the TPD was outsourcing its dispatch center to another nearby police department – a cost that was becoming prohibitive.

Chief Kroeger knew that to make changes and bring the TPD IT environment into the 21st century, he needed to locate a solution provider that had both the technical know-how and the ability to work within the parameters of a law enforcement agency.

Tehachapi Police Department Goals to Modernize IT Infrastructure:

The goals were clear-cut:  Chief Kroeger wanted the TPD to have a first-class IT infrastructure; move the call center in-house; ensure all law enforcement vehicles were outfitted with up-to-date mobile/rugged tablet computers; and have a fully-functioning emergency response center.

Chief of Police, Kent Kroeger, Tehachapi Police Department

These changes would have a profound and positive effect on the TPD, enabling its law enforcement personnel to work more efficiently and respond more quickly to the needs of the community.

However, investing and upgrading a new dispatch center is no easy feat and technologically it takes quite a transformation to get a dispatch center up and running.  Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California -based- DiamondIT was selected to take on the job of supplying the technical roadmaps to help TPD utilize the latest technologies as well as comply with the regulations of the Department of Justice (DOJ) that all law enforcement agencies around the country must adhere.

In addition, DiamondIT did not work alone. Chief Kroeger chose DiamondIT for its ability to lead and work with other organizations including the 911 company, AT&T, as well as the TPD record management provider.

Back of the House: Storage, VMWare, and Servers

DiamondIT began the work of creating a new dispatch center with “back of house” tools including new data servers and VMWare hosts so that certain systems could be virtualized and server-ready.

In addition, DiamondIT outfitted the station with new storage area network (SAN) devices that enhance legacy storage devices, such as disk arrays and tape libraries.  This strategy ensures that critical information such as case and evidence files are safely stored and easily accessed when needed.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW) were also installed to protect the TPD computer network as well as mitigate and block threats such as viruses and malware.

 Hear Our VOIP:

Once the groundwork was laid down with back-of-the-house servers, SANS and firewalls, the process of building the front-of-house call/dispatch center began.  DiamondIT installed a Cisco VoIP phone system that outfits the TPD’s communications.

There are many benefits to VoIP including unified messaging, integrated contact centers, and rich-media conferencing with voice, data, and video.

In addition to the working on the TPD dispatch/call center, DiamondIT helped to revamp the TPD emergency response center with all new hardware, including PC’s.

Finally, all the TPD law enforcement vehicles were furnished with mobile computing units.

The Results: Everything Works Like Clockwork

The entire process of creating a new call and emergency management center as well as installing a new IT infrastructure for the Tehachapi Police Department took nearly two years to complete.  The next phase was to implement training on all the news systems for the employees and law enforcement personnel.

Chief Kroeger remarked that the transition to the new IT environment including hardware and software, was seamless. “Thanks to DiamondIT, we are not worrying about IT — everything works like clockwork,” said Chief Kroeger.  “It took some planning, but we have officially opened our new call center and now have all the modern technologies that will allow us to do our jobs!”

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